Smart Home Summit – 2017 edition

On 19th and 20th September, London will host the Smart Home Summit 2017.  While IoT is a hot topic, it is at such conferences that the real actors come. The agenda looks impressive. The speakers too.  The list includes the usual suspects and newcomers, among which:







A Brief History of Things

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History repeats itself. Or so it seems.  Little more than a decade and a half ago, it was enough to use the words internet, web, new technology and you had the financing for your startup. What happened we all know: the dot-com bubble, the crisis, the collapse of the net-economy.

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Then, the economy started again, stronger, better. Everybody was confident. So confident that elementary auditing techniques were ignored just like that.  What happened is history. A history whose relics are still slowing down the development on steroids of the economy. Because the economy is developing. It might mutate, it might change its appearance, but it is developing. And the history is repeating again and again. Why care. It goes down, it goes up.


We are less than a decade later. If you want to make a start-up and raise a lot of money, what better way than use the magic 3-letter word: Aye Oh Tee. And to make sure people in front of you get it, just add the word Smart in front of any other word:

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  • Smart Home;Image result for smart home
  • Smart Car;Image result for intelligent vehicles
  • Smart Mobility;Image result for smart mobility
  • Smart City;Image result for smart city

The list goes on and on. The number of small companies whose business is related to IoT is incalculable. OK, the small devices have a future of their own, that is sure. But there is a long way ahead. Yet, people have no patience. Time shrinks itself. Six months are too much for an idea to become reality or else it gets obsolete. Are we nearing a bubble ? If in 2001, Internet was a toy for a small part of the global population, today is different.

Image result for Plug and playIn the old days of DOS and Windows, there was a mantra: Plug-n-Play. A computer device had more chances to get into the market if it was PnP.  I don’t know why, but this PnP thing seems to resurface as IoT.  Which is good for the long run. Future needs to develop itself.  There are many projects waiting to become a reality, a part of the landscape.


Can Microsoft become a key IoT player ?

A recent survey on Twitter produced the following results:


It seems Samsung is perceived as a more important IoT player than Microsoft. Also, one third of the respondents believe that Microsoft will abandon the IoT arena. However, when Apple launched the iPad, Microsoft tried to come on the market with a similar product. After a quick failure, the company from Redmond understood its mistakes, took its time and brought Surface to the market.

Related imageThe question is why Samsung is so strong and why it is perceived as so strong.  After all, the Korean giant  is best known as a mass producer, not a as a pioneer. IoT is a technology based on diversity. This contrasts with mass production.

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My guess is that Microsoft is seen as an underdog. This could be a mistake from Samsung. The West coast IT company is known to make mistakes, but also recognized as a street fighter. And street fighters are good at wining matches.


Smart City and IoT are closing the gap.

Here are the projects from the machineQ Smart City Hackathon :

I think it is a good idea to combine civic apps with IoT. After all, every great product  / service started as the answer to a small but painfull problem: improve safety in parking lots, identify potholes on the road, save energy costs.

Thumbs up, guys!


#IoT, #BigData, and #Grothendieck’s heritage

#IoT devices are like #Grothendieck’s work: they are associated with high value data, only we don’t know yet how important is the data. The problem of #BigData and all the data generated by autonomous devices connected to the internet  of objects is the absence of standardization. IoT is a source of digital information organized in analog way: infinite or unspecified possibilities waiting to be identified and exploited to some extent.


Small robots have great potential

This small guy can crawl under cars, climb steps, and hide in the bushes. Sounds scary ? It is no longer  science-fiction.  The video in the article is even more impressive.

The wheel is a revolutionary invention — as they say — but going back to basics sometimes opens new pathways. Robots that traverse terrain on legs are on the rise, most notably the Boston Dynamics Big Dog series of robots — and [Ghost Robotics]’ Minitaur quadruped aims to keep pace. One of [Ghost Robotics] founders, […]

via Quadruped Robot Can Crawl Under Cars and Jump-Kick-Open Doors — Hackaday


This small guy can get publishing industry to new levels

By Nadia Sotnikova As someone working at an indie publishing agency, reading about robots that write news articles is terrifying and exciting at the same time. I am not a writer; I am a marketer, so the prospect of another major shakedown of the publishing industry makes me hope if not for a better […]

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Clean energy investment declining in Canada; and a profile of Calgary’s clean energy economy

Work and Climate Change Report

clean energy transition takes hold coverClean Energy Canada has released the 2017 edition in its Tracking the Energy Revolution series, on March 30.   The Transition Takes Hold  analyzes clean energy markets around the world, with an emphasis on investment trends.  The report states that global clean energy investment in 2016 totalled C$348 billion, with China, the U.S. and India collectively responsible for half of that amount.  This C$348 billion global clean energy investment represents a 26% decrease from 2015; in Canada, investment fell by 53%, from C$4 billion  to C$2 billion. The decrease, for the second year in a row, sees Canada fall from 9th to 11th place in the world for clean energy investment. To provide context, the report states that Canada already derives 80% of its power from emissions-free sources, and that fact, coupled with relatively stable demand for electricity, limits the need or opportunity for new investment. The opportunities for…

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Learn Ways To Make Your Itinerary Even Much Better

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