M2M and the predictive maintenance

I have read recently about the potential use of m2m in the predictive maintenance (PM) of a car.
blog bosch Great ideas about potentiality. Still, that there is no realism at all. I ain’t critic, but I would like to see more articles about real world cases. Common people are interested in personal gain.

I noticed in the aforementioned article what’s the use of IoT/M2M. Great idea. Probably it will be implemented as standard by 2020. I hope the car makers will include the predictive maintenance before 2015 in some cars.

The article mentioned a 3-step process: data capture, data integration (in some storage system) and data-based prediction making. Everything is connected with everything else. No matter how interesting the idea might be, there is one thing that decides the go/no go decision: how close is the theoretical idea to the mass market production. The tens of billions of M2M devices  take into account the massive flood of the market. The single most important aspect of a product is the cost-profit relation. Given the fact that the M2M devices are supposedly  low ARPU-oriented, there comes the need to have many of them.  Thus, the idea must be marketable before its incipient phase.

Next comes the feasibility study. Is it realistic ? Which is cheaper to the final user : to buy a new predictive-enabled car or to add the sensor/M2M subsystem ? And here comes the $64000 question: what if the insurance companies will use the data to monitor the drive style of the guy who simply wants to lower his bills ?

Again, what must be implemented first is legislation. M2M will generate a lot of data traffic, some part being sensitive. Only with a safe M2M technology will the predictive maintenance be efficient and effective.


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