The age of IoT

Many new concepts are in fact quite old. Give it a shiny new armor and see the line of customers anxious to buy the latest greatest gadget from ACME. Every day, new inventions are made by simply re-engineering or re-marketing dusty concepts. When square is outdated, make it round. When round become outdated too, remake it square. This is called marketing and has worked well in the past 50 years, so why should we stop ? We shouldn’t.

IoT is not a new player in the field of technology. It is quite old. In fact, it was born the same time internet was. The 60’s and 70’s. It is the moment people tried to build robots (i.e. intelligent machines) for the first time. It is the idea of making a hybrid device, with sensors, brain and mouth. Well, not a mouth, but having a  communication system. It didn’t work  well, due to many factors, especially the processing power, the data bandwidth and the friendliness of the interface.

They were ugly. They were clumsy. Stupid machines. Time passed, no one  remembering them in the 80’s and 90’s. The new millennium came and like magic, some marketing guy sold the idea: a device with sensors, brain and communication interfaces. Wow! Does it ring any bells ?  Is it new ? Of course not. The great thing about marketing is the ability to juggle with the fundamental ratios: value/cost , availability/know-how.

Today we see many fights for patents. Especially for past inventions. Companies are bought not for their present value to the customer, but for the hundreds of patents they represent.  IoT is not a new concept. It is a new label of an old, forsaken, dusty thing. A new shiny armor for the old knight of the past ages. And it works.

As for the age of IoT, it is just math. I would like to consider Voyager 2 the first device connected to the IoT. A great device that has  the same age as the IoT.


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