Article: Samsung Introduces a Curved Display Phablet

I think 2020 might be an objective goal for flexible thin film touch screens. The adoption of smartphones has shown that the price is not a problem. A $1000 or even $2000 mobile phone might be common thing and much sooner than we might expect it. It is like the game consoles. A $600 XBox or PStation was possible. The big question is how much can one spend each year on entertainment? I mean the combination of all : movies, holidays, games, facebook, twitter, tv, media. I think the figure is more like $4000 per year ans so the smartphone will sell in spite of its high price.

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Just because something CAN be done – does it necessarily mean that it SHOULD be done?

Samsung certainly seem to think so after announcing a new “Phablet” device with a curved screen – not a flexible and foldable screen a-la the Sci-Fi inspired concept video that was released last year, but a slight concave bend to enable a “rocking” motion when the device is placed on a table…

Appart from a couple of gimmicky included apps, the question has to be asked – why?

Is this cool for cools sake, or a genuinely good idea? Make your own minds up by checking out the source article below:

Samsung Introduces a Curved Display

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