M2M and the smart house.

M2m has gained  some momentum. Even if the standard is not yet published, there are open initiatives trying to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow. The domestic appliances integrate well within the m2m world. Smart systems enable people to better control the power consumption of their home. Yet, the biggest customer (i.e. the millions of potential end users) is unaware of the mere existence of the smart soltions. The electric sockets are the same old 2-3 pin device. The lightswitches people use has the same unique function of cuttng the power off. All this beacuse the smard devices are not advertised as they should.

I have seen many beautifull demonstrations that might lead to breakthroughs. The funny part is that in spite of the effort to reduce greenhouse effect, people consume more and more. Not because the devices need more power. On the contrary, they are getting smaller, lighter, more energy efficient. However, the customer buys more and more. A 55 inch TV set will consume more than a 21 inch one. That is sure. A modern PC needs power for its CPU and graphics. Hopefully, the PC market is doomed in favour ot the  mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops and many other so-called smart devices). 

All begins with the electric socket. The power flows through the circuits, even at rest. The infamous cos (phi) – power lost forever- is a nightmare for utility companies and maybe the small consumption some devices show is not so small. All begins with the first step. Which is to educate ourselves about how to spare energy.

Then will the smart  home be able to begin its life, its perpetual role, reach power consumptions so low that we feel, see, touch the hpouse of the future.



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