M2M Council

I have recently the official M2M council page. I’m a bit disappointed. I would have expected it to evolve into a lively portal. Instead of that, the page is rather static (HTML 1.0 level), and has a few links to external pages. This means that M2M will develop as an independent trial and error technology.  I am not surprised, just sad. The iPhone is a great product, but is has been made great by the hundreds of thounsands of applications created by enthusiastic third perty developers. I think M2M is to pass a river. Where by boat or by ford, I do not know. What I know is that in  absence o standards, a smart guy  working in a garage, might emerge victorious. Could that be me ? you ?  The future will answer.

One thing is sure: I keep working on some personal m2m project. If I make it, I will let you know.



One thought on “M2M Council

  1. Well, this is only the beginning! there is clearly a need for standards in M2M, as alliances flourish everywhere. The point is: which one is the winner take?

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