The IMC plans to conquest new adopters.

According to Kore Telematics, The M2M council intends to become an actve player in the adoption of M2M worldwide


2 thoughts on “The IMC plans to conquest new adopters.

    M2M gateway provider Option has reported major progress on the partnership front, announcing that 12 M2M providers in Europe are to use its CloudGate product in their service offerings.

    The company already sells CloudGate in the US but has developed a new version catering to the needs of the European market in areas including digital signage, surveillance, and heat and temperature sensing.

    New European partners include Arcadiz (Heverlee, Belgium), Communica (Stockholm, Sweden), Emcom (Oslo, Norway), ime mobile solutions (Neunkirchen, Germany), I-Real (Netherlands), MCS (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Misa (Udine, Italy), Rmoni (Bilzen, Belgium), Round Solutions (Neu-Isenburg, Germany), SAIT (Zellik, Belgium), Smart M2M Solutions (Sondika, Spain) and Telos (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

    Option (Leuven, Belgium) claims the product has attracted as a secure, reliable and affordable gateway that is more flexible and can be more easily deployed than rival offerings.

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