M2M at a glance – Germany (I)

This  is a first post in a long series about M2M around the globe. I’ve chosen Germany because of the special position into the IMC. 

Among the four telcos in Germany, the following three are in process of implementing M2M:



I would say that this company is  very strong and has started to implement M2M 2.0. That means information starts to flow to the public. According to company’s website, D-Telekom is offering APIs to customers.  The circle is complete as  customers are able to  access transparently the data from M2M devices. This is a very sane approach, like the AppStore. By enabling 3rd party customers to implement their own solutions, Telekom may hit the jackpot.



The world telco giant is one step behind D-Telekom. Still blocked  at M2M 1.0 level, Vodafone is doing its best: offering specific solutions to specific problems. The smartest way to do business is to copy a technology just before it hits mass market and shunt competition. Telekom, be aware. 


Backed by parent company Telefonica, O2 has yet to reach M2M 1.0 level. O2 offers  only basic SIM management ans services. There is not much to say and we will watch its evolution  closely in the future, as Telefonica may or may not inject money, technology and people in this company. 


The fourth company  would have been E-plus, but they may merge with O2, as it has been implied earlier this year.



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