Addressing the crowd


I have recently assisted a conference given by the CEO of AdP. I was really impressed by the way he handled the questions. Where most would avoid the direct answer, this person stepped in. What amazed me was his technique of answering without blaming anybody. With such manners, he could easily become UN secretary.   

In just under twenty minutes, he used a  words from many areas of expertise and presented the past, present and future of AdP.

1. By moving the HQ from Paris to Roissy, he cut off the travel distance for key personnel. 

2. By using a unique color for all the staff, he improved company image and helped passengers to identify staff more quickly.   By the way, the color is orange Pantone.

3. By balancing the distribution of flights on the  strips. Just like that, the capacity might double overnight.

4. By improving the  ROI.

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