33 Phrases from the Atlas Obscura That May Describe You


Rhymes With May

  1. an ancient community of microbes
  2. seemingly standard
  3. the interior has a mysterious beauty
  4. ruled by an alpha male named Pablo
  5. moved briefly to Copenhagen’s City Hall in 1988
  6. “Our government ought to apply all possible efforts toward the domestication of this animal.”
  7. no touching, no smelling
  8. a tortoise sitting at a table drinking tea
  9. attempts to soothe and acknowledge the ongoing cultural divisions
  10. a hostility that finds its outlet in aggressive dance moves
  11. fun drunken times had by all
  12. human fragments in a museum devoted entirely to scientific instruments
  13. the only living object
  14. only two fathoms down
  15. registers as a tiny, nameless speck
  16. the ultimate sloth experience
  17. simply too alluring
  18. occasionally destructive attitudes towards preservation
  19. expertise in the realm of elves
  20. contained defects such as cracks, chips, and vegetation taking root in joints
  21. like teetering on the edge of the sea
  22. blinded in an eye and soaked with blood
  23. described…

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