Why Twitter’s IPO works while Facebook’s has failed

This week, Twitter entered the big boys arena The stock has rocketed. This is exactly the opposite to Facebook’s plunge. Amazing.

The #1 reason is simple: Twitter is a professional tool, used by professionals on a day-to-day basis. Facebook is just a toy, used for fun.   

The #2 reason is even simpler: Twitter is designed to work on every media. The short message  can arrive on every device and might even contribute some years from now to the rise of M2M. Facebook conveys mostly images, which are voluminous.

The #3 reason is the maturity of the company. Today, Twitter seems to ever grow, while Facebook has peeked and is on a slow decline.

One thing is sure: Twitter’s IPO is a smart move and the shares are already blue chips. Don’t sell your Twitter stock.


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