The size of IoT market in 2020

Each week I read about the estimated size of M2M market in 2020. What is interesting is that the figure is increasing. This is a logic explanation of the fact that some big investments will be in effect by 2015, like the smart power meter or the emergency cal or the NFC devices ( phones included). The last figure I’ve seen is 212 billion. While this might be seen as a joke about 2012, I welcome the new figure, more than ever. Why ? because it is evolving. The market abhors vacuum and round figures. I am sure that the most accurate projection is not 50 billion, neither 212 billion, but 423.169.531.992 devices.  Why ? There is an emerging market that grows unseen, yet it cannot be ignored: the nanotech devices. How many ? A lot. And by 2020, they will represent 90% of the market. 90% ? Yes. like the millions of billions of insects, hard to see the hidden part of the iceberg is. But it is.   


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