The next big thing

The iPod mini was the last big thing to step up. Yes, there have been many launches of similar products. Samsung tries very hard to create the next TV. Still, it doesn’t work. The problem is the same from the days before  the iPhone. There is a thick line between something really useful and  something that just works and makes bling-bling.

I have the firm conviction that we’ll see a new and revolutionary product in less than 12 months from now. Yes, before X-mass 2014, there will be something new.  And someone will be able to say:

“I have it in my backpack, but first let’s see. It is something revolutionary. It allows you to interact with your environment in natural ways. It is what you were expecting since your birth.  But first, is there possible to have such a product today, when we have these game consoles that recognize your movements. First, the above mentioned consoles aren’t so good at gesture recognition. You move too fast and the result is far from perfect. Too far. Yet you use these consoles. Do you like the experience ? No, but really are you satisfied by the experience of playing the last hit ?   Or when you speak, most of your words are misunderstood .

Well, today  I present you  three revolutionary products . A game console. A voice recorder with perfect recognition. A device capable of incredible accurate interactions. A console. A voice recorder. An interactive environment device. In fact it is a single product. Yes, I present you a game console with perfect voice and  gesture recognition. And we call it iPlay.”.

I am pretty sure that the next big thing will be about interaction. And were Steve Jobs still alive, this product would be the next big thing. Alas, today, the players in the field lack the necessary vision. But I am talking of 12 month of hard work. Who knows. Maybe, maybe, there is hope. Future will tell.



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