The next big thing (II)

The device is real. People use it. The drawback is the lack of API for it. I am confident that the scenario of the iPhone will repeat itself. The small device is capable of HD images, is small enough to fit into a pocket , weights 300g and coud be put anywhere. Yes, I am talking about AppleTV. It  is only a matter of time until this last brainchild of Steve Jobs will reach its full potential. Is there place for another device, next to iPhone, Macbook, iPad, iPod ? Yes it is. Just imagine playing Angry Birds on Apple TV using your hands and voice.  Is this a realistic scenario ? Yes it is. Should Apple release it ? Only if they really want the share to rocket by $1000. I’m not so sure about the last part. One thing is sure: wealth cannot come from lack of money. Wealth needs vision, long term plans and enthusiasm. These were thing Steve had. These the fuel of the engine that launched so many products. 

Finally, why have nice, useful things when we could still continue to use cheap black plastic computers or phones or game consoles. Have you noticed what  the XBox One and PS 4 are made of ? Really ? Do you like the design ? Cause I don’t. And Quality begins with the design. Aren’t Porche and Jaguar and Ferarri  the dream of any driver ? Why ? Because of engine’s Gigahertz frequency, RAM capacity ? no. Because of design. This is the fuel of the XXI century.



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