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LinkedIn is a nice blogging platform.  Not all the features of WordPress, but many quality articles. Anyway, while browsing, I’ve found a nice article about IoT. Here is the link:


Driverless Cars & Commute Times

Let's Go LA

One of many unknowns with driverless cars is what their impact on traffic will be. Boosters have predicted that driverless cars will reduce traffic by reducing the number of vehicles needed to serve travel demand and reducing following distances between cars. Detractors have predicted that these effects will be more than offset by latent demand for travel that will come out of the shadows when it gets easier to travel in a car, by being cheaper or less stressful, which will encourage people to travel more and longer distances.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves since we don’t know when true driverless cars will become available and achieve a large enough market share to have a big difference. However, it is worth considering what we can learn from differences in commuting time by travel mode.

The graph below presents the mean commute time for various travel modes for ten…

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Tips for Traveling in Cuba

Darcy Lewis Design

There are tons of great guide books out there, so these are just a few tips to add to the list:

Before we left, we ordered all the newly-updated guidebooks we could find.  Our two favorites were Rough Guides’ Cuba and Frommer’s Easy Guide to Cuba.  Also, if you’re spending any time in the capitol, be sure to buy the StreetSmart map of Havana from vanDam.  This plastic laminated map was wonderfully informative, accurate, fit nicely into seat pockets and purses (note it does not fold up small enough for a front pocket), and was an absolute life-saver!!

Packing: Of course you should check the weather before you go, and pack accordingly, but remember that Cuba is very dusty, so clothes that are easy to clean, replaceable, and hide dirt are advised.  Laundry facilities are very hard to find unless your hotel offers, so clothes you can rinse out yourself…

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TOP Jobs in IOT Value Chain

IoT World


Have ever wondered what are the top or most popular jobs in IOT now?

Answer: It depends on the adoption maturity levels of your country.

Just take look at the IoT value chain on the perspectives of maturity levels:

  1. Research – from fundamental to applied research and uncovering the mysteries of IoT.
  2. University IoT courses – educating the University students
  3. IoT training – creating awareness and educating the masses. From basic to intermediate and advanced courses.
  4. Consultation – Developing IoT Blueprint, framework and strategic plans.
  5. Product Development – Create new innovative IoT solutions
  6. System Integration – Integrating IoT solutions with legacy systems
  7. Selling IoT Solutions – creating new businesses from IoT

The above activities are translated to job opportunities:

  1. Researchers
  2. Lecturers
  3. Trainers
  4. Consultant
  5. IOT Product Developers (software and hardware)
  6. System Integrators
  7. Business Development

Personally, I found out that Trainers and Consultants are making money out of IoT since they are…

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Internet of Things (IoT) Database Infrastructure and DB Services

Mind Commerce

The scalability, effectiveness, efficiency, security, and privacy of IoT systems and networks will depend on robust IoT Database Infrastructure.  This will require substantial investment on the part of IoT systems and network owners as well as enterprise.  A good portion of the capital cost will be avoided as IoT DB services will be offered on an “as a Service” basis.

Mind Commerce sees an opportunity for datacenter operators and value-added managed communication service providers to offer many different IoT DB Services.  

There is an emerging need for a plethora of IoT DB Services including Identity Management, Device Management, Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA).  Many of these database services will require an IoT Data Registry as well as IoT DB Transaction Services, which will be used by IoT network providers, enterprise, and governmental organizations.

iotdbinfrastructureservices650x450 Partial view of Future IoT DB Infastructure

Each of these entities will need to rely upon…

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Average and Median Age by Internet of Things Category – Q1 2017

The following graph shows average and median age in the Internet of Things sector. The graphic includes data through October 2016.

Average and Median Age by IoT Category Average and Median Age by IoT Category

The above graph summarizes the average age and median age of companies in each Internet of Things (IoT) category. The IoT Industrial category has the highest average age at just under 14 years. IoT Components and IoT Utilities/Energy have the highest median age, at just under 10 years.

We are currently tracking 1602 IoT companies in 20 categories across 47 countries, with a total of $26.9 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full IoT landscape report and database.

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Transit Authority Explores EasyMile Driverless Shuttles to Improve Connectivity

RATP is researching driverless bus. Could this be the future of traffic jams in Paris ?

Motion Digest

Austin’s Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority (Capital Metro) is exploring the possibilities to deploy EasyMile EZ10 driverless shuttles — in an effort to improve connectivity between outer city locations and the mass transit network, according to Smartrail World.

Capital Metro operates bus, paratransit services and a commuter rail system known as Capital MetroRail for Austin and several suburbs. The transit organisation is exploring the opportunities for adding the autonomous vehicles to their services to access areas where traditional bus or rail service isn’t feasible. Capital Metro emphasises that the passenger vehicles will be used to compliment existing bus and rail service rather than replacing them.

According to Mariette Hummel, spokesperson for Capital Metro ( @CapMetroATX ) she said, “This is one of the possible options for our mobility innovation zones. Areas where large buses do not fit or where we have low demand means that we want to find a way to get people from those areas to our…

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LA 2024: Smartest, Greenest Olympics Bid Ever

The race just entered the last straight line


Paris and Los Angeles are the two cities still in the running to host the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games—the International Olympic Committee will make that decision on September 13 of this year in Lima, Peru. GreenSportsBlog reported on Paris’ sustainability efforts last month; now it’s LA’s turn to shine in the Green-Sports spotlight. We were pleased to speak with Brence Culp, Sustainability Director of the LA 2024 Bid Committee, about the many substantive sustainability initiatives her team is planning.

The greenest sports venue and/or Olympic and Paralympic Village is the one you don’t have to build.

That has been and is the mantra of LA 2024, the committee handling the bid for Los Angeles to host the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, and especially its sustainability team. The bid process is now in the home stretch—the International Olympic Committee (IOC) votes in September in Lima, Peru—and only Paris…

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Difference Between Big Data and Internet of Things | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #BigData

Nice article in the link

Augmented OuterNet of Wearable Things

Difference Between Big Data and Internet of Things | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #BigData. What does it mean, as a vendor, to say that you support the…

from Google Alert – internet of things

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IOT/M2M- Who does what?

AI, Blockchain, IOT and Everything else on Telco and more

IOT/M2M- Who does what?

While most of the operators talk about IoT/M2M in same breath these are two different business model requiring investments in different skill sets and technology.

M2M- M2M is starting to contribute to a substantial revenue stream and will continue to be a top area of future growth especially for Large Telco. Focus is on providing a providing low cost data connectivity to a large number of device and provide global connectivity solutions. It is about signing up with large enterprise customers who are embedding connectivity is their products  eg automobiles, washing machines, refrigerators, elevators, payment machines, just about anything including whiskey bottles!

Important investment decision are centered on which Network Technology, Device Management, Wholesale and Retail Billing.

IOT is about solving specific business problem. Focus is on building capabilities to provide application and solutions that leverage IoT/M2M as enabling technology combined with API to either bring…

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