Internet of Things (IoT) Database Infrastructure and DB Services

Mind Commerce

The scalability, effectiveness, efficiency, security, and privacy of IoT systems and networks will depend on robust IoT Database Infrastructure.  This will require substantial investment on the part of IoT systems and network owners as well as enterprise.  A good portion of the capital cost will be avoided as IoT DB services will be offered on an “as a Service” basis.

Mind Commerce sees an opportunity for datacenter operators and value-added managed communication service providers to offer many different IoT DB Services.  

There is an emerging need for a plethora of IoT DB Services including Identity Management, Device Management, Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA).  Many of these database services will require an IoT Data Registry as well as IoT DB Transaction Services, which will be used by IoT network providers, enterprise, and governmental organizations.

iotdbinfrastructureservices650x450 Partial view of Future IoT DB Infastructure

Each of these entities will need to rely upon…

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