Can Microsoft become a key IoT player ?

A recent survey on Twitter produced the following results:


It seems Samsung is perceived as a more important IoT player than Microsoft. Also, one third of the respondents believe that Microsoft will abandon the IoT arena. However, when Apple launched the iPad, Microsoft tried to come on the market with a similar product. After a quick failure, the company from Redmond understood its mistakes, took its time and brought Surface to the market.

Related imageThe question is why Samsung is so strong and why it is perceived as so strong.  After all, the Korean giant  is best known as a mass producer, not a as a pioneer. IoT is a technology based on diversity. This contrasts with mass production.

Related image

My guess is that Microsoft is seen as an underdog. This could be a mistake from Samsung. The West coast IT company is known to make mistakes, but also recognized as a street fighter. And street fighters are good at wining matches.

Five Forces: Twitter’s Advertising Business Division

Twitter’s main businesses :advertising + data provider

This analysis focuses on advertising


Force#5 : New Entrants
Barrier level : high
Force#3 : Suppliers Force#1 : Competition Force#2 : Buyers
Direct known suppliers : opinion leaders, companies worried about their own usersIndirect unknown suppliers : people in a place at a specific time

Direct unknown suppliers : re-tweeters

Status : Twitter is the preferred mean of sharing information for people who own a smartphone. WiFi and data connectivity are of essence.

Direct known competitors: Google, Facebook, Linkedin, MySayDirect unknown competitors: Press / News agencies

Indirect known competition : other micro blogging

Status: very strong competition

Direct known buyers: Brands, Marketers who run frequent campaigns

Indirect known buyers : brands and agencies that get re-tweeted

Status: Being #1 gives twitter bargaining power, but there are alternatives (competition)

Force#4 : Substitutes Force#6 : Complements
Known substitutes : RSS feeds, billboards

Unknown substitutes : Group SMS messaging

Status : Fading substitutes

Little known about

Note: green = healthy, orange = possible threat, red = vulnerable